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With all the changes underway in our world, work, and economies, it makes sense that we’d be feeling a bit overstretched, put upon, and maybe even overwhelmed.

business-mindsetIf you’re anything like my clients, they’ve all been feeling like they need to do more with less, and that there is this rise of anticipatory energy that is there, and they feel it- but it hasn’t quite manifested into anything yet.

They are also mentioning situations where they get inquiries from potential clients, have a great initial meeting, and then the client defers or holds off for now.

When this happens frequently enough, it’s human nature to wonder if it’s you and not them.

These different discussions got me thinking about how we can develop and practice a positive mindset for business success.

Trust: This is the first foundational hallmark. It relies on you understanding what you can trust in, and count on, even when everything else around you is changing. Can you trust yourself? Your spouse or significant other? Your skills? Talents? Assets? These have real value. Identify these elements and keep them close.

Watching for clues: I often find that changes in life are preceded by clues. Start noticing events and synchronicities in your life. If you suddenly find that two people have asked you for a service you don’t provide; for example, explore what that service is and whether you could offer it- or something like it. If you find that your clients are sharing common themes in their work with you, look at ways you can create more meaning or more shared experience between and among them.

Acting decisively when you’ve made a decision: You can only gather facts for so long. There comes a time when action is called for. And when the time comes, be sure you do act- decisively. If you’re in, be all in. If you’re sitting this one out, sit it out. The greater your own sense of clarity and alignment, the easier it will be to wayfind in this new world of business.

Play more: So much good comes out of play. When you have a tough problem, or something that feels big and huge and unsolvable- don’t struggle. Shift your focus, distract yourself, do something else you love to do. The answers will come to you.

There are more strategies for navigating times of uncertainty, but these four will get you off to a good start.