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You might have heard the expression, “the only thing constant is change.” And boy oh boy, have I been living *that* in the past few months.

uplevelNot only has my environment changed, but my working routines have changed, my plans have changed, and my goals have changed too. In the midst of all this change, it became apparent that some upleveling was required if I wanted to keep moving forward.

So, upleveling, in case you are not familiar with the term, is used to describe a state where you transform- you move your whole self- body- life- business- *everything*- to a new state of being.

Upleveling is a transformational event. Once it happens, you can’t go back the way you came.

However- you can resist the leap of faith that upleveling requires.

One way this resistance might show up is through a kind of procrastination. You know what you need to do next- you just never quite get around to doing it.

Another way this resistance might show up is in continually trying to think your way to a solution, even when it has become apparent that action is required.

A third way this resistance might show up is when you keep doing things the same old way, even when this has stopped working.

Have no doubt, upleveling is a test of both your faith, and your courage.

You have to be willing to take one giant leap rather than three comfortable steps. You have to be willing to stretch yourself in the small places and do things you know must be done.

You need to ask for help- sometimes a push from behind and sometimes a helping hand up.

You also have to have the courage to tell the truth about what’s working- and what’s not- in your life and business.

In a sense, you have to shed all that is, in order to make way for all that is coming.

I wanted to write about upleveling right now, because I think many of my clients are experiencing it too.

They are being called to their higher purpose- but they feel unprepared.

They are courageously confronting ways of working and being which aren’t serving them anymore.

They are bravely saying goodbye to stuff that is weighing them down and keeping them small.

If you are finding some place in your life that is calling for upleveling, here are a few things I’ve learned:

1)      Go faster even when you want to slow down. This is kind of a take on the saying, “If you’re going through hell, keep on going.” – I think of it as accelerating the rate of change so you can get where you’re going faster.

2)      Ask for- and accept- help. As I said, sometimes you need a kick in the backside and sometimes a helping hand up. Ask for what you need- and accept it when it’s offered.

3)      Keep to the practices which keep you grounded and give you strength. These might be things like exercising, meditating, yoga, or anything which keeps you strong, flexible, and agile.

More than ever before, we are being asked to transform ourselves faster and faster. It’s not a question of whether you will uplevel, but, rather, when you will.

By going faster, accepting help, and staying grounded, you can uplevel yourself into a whole new place- by taking one giant leap of faith mixed with an equal portion of courage.