You Can Have A More Profitable Service Business- with Less Work

Running a growing business can be a lot of work.



Working Too Hard?

Working too hard for too little money? Do you finish the month and wonder where all your money is?


Want more time off?

Or maybe the money is fine, but you want more time off to relax- or just think.


Need a strategy for what's next?

Want to stop growing haphazardly, without a plan? Tired of the variability of your business income?

Business profitability rests on some essential core principles; having a sellable idea, having people to sell to, and a way to deliver services or outcomes that thrill your clients. It sounds simple, right?

So what gets in the way?

Several things:

Lack of Clarity

If you don’t know what you want, it’s very difficult to create it.

Unproductive working style

You have trouble planning your tasks and completing them.

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

Every new idea seems better than whatever you are already working on.

These challenges are the flip-side of being creative and visionary.

You need systems and approaches which enable you to ground your creativity in profitability.

If I sound like I am familiar with these challenges – I am.

I’ve been working online since 1998 and have built three multi-six figure businesses from the Internet.

As a highly creative person (I have more hobbies than anyone I know!), I am constantly seeking to balance my high need for creativity and freedom and novelty with the practicality and groundedness of creating a stable, secure and growing business.

I’m an expert at turning good ideas into profitable realities.

When I work with my clients to help them increase their business profitability, we start with a complete analysis that takes into account who you are as a business-owner, and, also, who you are as a person.

I don’t believe you can separate these two areas.

Your business feeds your life and your life feeds your business.

Once we complete this thorough analysis, we look at your goals for what’s next- whether that be increased income, greater online reach, or both.

We explore your current assets- hidden profit centers- and create a strategic plan for turning these latent possibilities into revenue.

Underlying all this, I help you think bigger about who you are and the contribution you can make to the world.

When I began working with Rachna, my primary goal was to fill one of my coach training programs. We exceeded this goal – and early, too. Rachna helped me clarify my marketing strategy in the big picture, and helped me coordinate the individual pieces so everything worked well together. We accomplished my main goal in just a few weeks- and I’m looking forward to moving ahead on my other business goals with even more confidence. If you’re looking to work with someone who can make your internet marketing make sense (and money)- hire Rachna.

Lyn Allen


Meeting with Rachna to go over our profitability strategy was a wonderful experience. In eight hours, Rachna helped us analyze our current income streams, guided us to see what changes were needed, and led the redesign of our curriculum and approach for next year. Rachna’s perspective was invaluable in highlighting where our income streams could be performing better, with less effort. I particularly appreciated her systemic approach that focused not just on profitability and strategy, but, also kept in mind our allocation of team and resources at the same time. Her suggestions were not only brilliant, they are also very doable.

Lincoln Wachtel


If you want to create a business you can take great joy in running, selling it profitably when the time is right, if you want to make a positive impact on the greatest possible number of people rather than the few who might be singing your song, if you want to build in the kind of assessments that will help you make sure you and your market are on the same wavelength all the way, and if you want a caring, kind-hearted and super-smart person to help you do all this, then — work with Rachna!

Elatia Harris


If you want to run your business better and more profitably- perhaps to develop new income streams, improve revenue, and manage cash flow- I’d love to talk with you about how we might work together.


I can’t wait to work with you!



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