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Mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets are significantly outselling personal computers. As mobile technology becomes more efficient and affordable, the trend will continue to grow. If you still have an old-fashioned website, a Flash website, or a website that is otherwise not mobile friendly, it’s time to change that right now.

Where to begin?

Use WordPress

Self-hosted WordPress has some wonderful themes that are mobile friendly. They’re easy to install. You just need to implement them on your website to become a mobile friendly destination for your followers and readers. If you have a WordPress site already, getting a mobile version set up is very quick.

Keep It Simple

The simpler your website, the easier it is to read on a mobile device. Avoid animations and (Flash) pictures and images. Only use images that help get your point across and don’t overdo it. Less is more. Try using only one or two images per post, unless it’s a “how to” post that you need to illustrate.

Your Customer Is Mobile

The fact is, your customer is using mobile technology most of the day. They have their phone near them at all times, many even take them to bed with them. Your customer wants your website to work the same on their mobile device as it does on their PC. Recent data suggests that 60% of internet searches happen first on a mobile device.

Mobile Users Take Action

According to, 1 in 5 website visits using a mobile device leads to the user calling the business right away. Mobile users are looking for you right now, and will contact you if needed, right now. Not later when they get home to their desktops or laptops. Make sure your mobile site has prominent “click to call” buttons.

Mobile Sites Look Great

The awesome thing about mobile friendly websites is they actually look a lot better on a PC than websites that aren’t mobile friendly. This makes having a mobile friendly website even better because you no longer have to have two separate sites. They look clean, are very user friendly, and load fast.

Because – Social Media

If you’re using social media as a marketing tactic and you don’t have a mobile website, you’re making a huge mistake. Most people who are on social media are using their smartphones and tablets to use that social media. People who use social media want the same experience as they have on their desktops or laptop computers.

Mobile Sites Improve Brand Image

Your customers are impressed by working mobile websites and will often speak poorly of websites that aren’t mobile friendly. Even if you’re in a demographic yourself that isn’t mobile, you have to realize that anyone under 35 is mobile today. It’s normal and natural to them to use their phones as computers. If you want to improve your brand’s image, go mobile.

Finally, if you want to reach your customer, ensure that your website is mobile, as well as any email newsletters you send them. Consumers are more likely to read your emails via their smartphone than they are to read them on their PC, so it’s time to get mobile, now.

Be sure to test your website and newsletter periodically, especially after site upgrade, and when new mobile devices are released to the market. Once you go mobile, do all you can to keep your mobile website updated, accessible, and easy to use.

Photo by Highways Agency