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I’ve heard from some of my readers and some of my clients that they don’t like writing, and avoid it at every opportunity. While I can understand the idea of avoiding anything you don’t like, writing is a great marketing tool and every business owner should find some way to get comfortable with writing as a marketing avenue. Writing need not mean full length books or manuals (though writing one of these will catapult you to expert status faster than any other means)-writing can include tips, top 10 lists, short paragraphs or nuggets. Writing is a way of connecting with your potential customers on their schedule– when they have time to read your website, brochure, business card, or article. It’s also a way of providing lasting value to the reader- many people will save relevant articles and information for years. Writing positions you as an expert, and gives customers a chance to connect with you and your message in a comfortable way. So if you don’t like writing, but see the value of it, consider these tips to get you started: 1) Jot down the top 5 bits of wisdom you find yourself sharing with clients over and over. 2) Consider speaking into a tape recorder and having this transcribed. 3) Take an existing presentation or notes for a presentation and rework these into an article or tip sheet. Remember, the most successful marketing plans include writing, speaking, and networking. Get out there, and get writing.