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Email marketing is becoming more refined, which, I think, is a reflection of our clients also become more refined. Today’s consumer is much smarter, much savvier, and much more skeptical, not to mention receiving a lot more email each day. As a business owner, you want to achieve the best possible email marketing results, with a reasonable amount of effort- not too much, nor too little. This is where email segmentation comes in.

Email segmentation refers to the process of adjusting your email content based on the behaviors of those who’ve subscribed to your list. It can be a complex topic, and one that is worth paying attention to.

If you’ve been hearing a lot about email segmentation, but have been wondering whether your business needs it- here are some reasons to adopt this practice.

Email list segmentation can:

Target Your Messages-  When you know that your list has already taken some action such as downloaded your lead magnet, or purchased a specific item, then you can focus on sending very specific emails to them that not only discuss the purchase they made, but also discuss the next steps they can take.

Increase Sales – By sending more relevant messages, you’ll ensure that you are communicating well with your list members. This can help accelerate that “know, like, trust” connection that is so important to improving sales.

Increase Conversions – people are more likely to join a list that is well targeted to them than one that is not

Save money– some autoresponder services charge you per email sent. By segmenting your list, you can market to the most responsive subscribers, and perhaps avoid marketing to the unresponsive ones.

Personalize your emails more effectively– when you know something about your list, based on the behaviors they’ve taken, you can speak to them more directly, again, building stronger relationships.

Improve Response rates- when email is more targeted, you’ll get better response to your requests and calls to action.

Send the best types of marketing materials – people have different preferred modes of absorbing information. If you offer options (such as text, audio, video) and segment based on delivery methods, you can be sure you’re sending the marketing message in a format that your subscribers are likely to consume.

Most professional autoresponders provide functions to help you with list segmentation. If you have an email list that you’d like to improve communications with, and return on investment from, do consider email list segmentation. It’s more work, for sure, and the benefits should be worth it.