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I’m asked, pretty often, about strategies for identifying and attracting best customers. "Best Customers"- the way I define them- are people who like and respect you, who want what you’re selling, and who can afford to buy- and then, ultimately, DO buy. There is no point in expending endless amounts of time, effort, and resources on non-best customers. By definition, your time, effort, and resources will be wasted. One method I use to identify my best customers is to attract them to my business through use of publicity and PR. To my way of thinking, if people have liked what I said enough to seek me out or find me, they already like and respect me, and probably are at least moderately interested in what I’m offering. One way of increasing the likelihood that they will buy is to offer products and services at various price points- I’m still crafting an exact strategy for this in my business, and recommend that you take time to do the same for your business. By attracting people to you through publicity/PR, article-writing, blog-writing, networking, and public speaking, you can fulfill the first two criteria and, with products/services at various price points you also can fulfill the third- increasing your number of best customers. And your profitability.