Do You Have Questions About
Online Marketing for Your Business?

(And Don’t Know Who To Ask?)

No matter if you’re new to online business, or if you’ve been working online for a while, there will come a time where you have some questions about your online business, and you don’t know who to ask.

You may be in between coaches or mentors.

You may be developing something completely new that no one has ever heard of (and, therefore, that nobody has ever done.)

You may be considering an upgrade to your business systems and infrastructure.

And while you are motivated to make changes, you might find that you’re feeling vague and confused about how best to proceed.

Let’s say that you’re considering a new shopping cart platform. This is a big decision, and will impact not just your business, but also your customers and clients.

You want to be sure that you’re considering all the facts, and making the best decision you can before you commit.

Or, let’s say that your website is a few years old and hasn’t been updated in a while, and you’re wondering if you should try and work with what you have, or redesign from the ground up.

You may have questions about designing your website for optimal conversion, or you may have questions about generating more clients from the internet.

You’re not looking for a long-term working relationship, necessarily, but more a place where you can talk through your ideas and come to some answers for yourself.

You might also be puzzling over a current launch, and wondering how to put together all the moving pieces into a coherent whole.

Should you start with a webinar? Or a series of videos?

Can you repurpose content you already have, or do you have to start from scratch and create something completely new?

Or, as another example, let’s say that you have questions about putting together a sales funnel for your business, and are wondering how you can get that up and running quickly.

Or maybe you have a question about publishing information products, or about setting up a recurring revenue stream in your business.

Maybe you’ve tried coaching and courses to get your answers, but each of them was missing something, and now you’ve spent the money and time, but you’re not closer to making a decision.

I chose to work with Rachna as my first-ever business coach because I was ready to 'step up' and open the space for even bigger growth in my business and myself. Since partnering with Rachna, I have launched a killer marketing campaign for my signature 6-week online Tarot course with a record number of student enrollments (beyond my wildest dreams) and created two new products from already-existing products. Rachna is highly professional, focused and committed to helping me make the most out of my business, while also being personable, warm and encouraging - everything I want in a coach!

Brigit Esselmont


Rachna gave me key tools to grow my business, such as targeted surveys, social media strategies, and effective promotion for my practical spirituality classes. She was instrumental in clarifying the direction I really wanted to go with my business. Rachna has an extensive knowledge base in so many areas, and she is also intuitive, insightful and quite enjoyable to work with.

Rose Sneeringer


End your confusion once and for all.

As you may know, I’ve been working online since 1998, and if you have some questions about your online business, I can probably answer them- or, if I can’t, I can connect you with someone who can help you, once and for all.

You see, in my more than 19 years of working online, I’ve:

  • Built hundreds of websites
  • Ranked hundreds of sites through search engine optimization
  • Built an engaged following on social media
  • Sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of services
  • Written and self-published five books
  • Authored numerous online courses and informational products
  • Taught hundreds of teleclasses
  • Been interviewed for hundreds of major media publications
  • Developed more than fifty membership sites
  • Architected multiple five figure launches for my clients
  • Built multiple sales funnels
  • Increased conversion on existing web pages by 30% or more
  • Turned my art into a business
  • Designed business infrastructure for hundreds of clients
  • Plus a whole lot more.

Stated another way, if you have a question about online business, I can probably answer it.

Until now, my knowledge has been reserved for my long-term clients, many of whom have been with me for three years or more.

But, even as much as I love working with my ongoing clients, I love variety- and I want to help more entrepreneurs with their most important business questions.

If you are are currently having some questions about your business, whether it be technology, infrastructure, attracting attention, developing an effective launch, managing your finances, or just about anything else related to online business, I’m here to help.

And here’s how I can do that:

Whiteboard Session: Just You and Me

Yes! you read that right. I’m offering a shorter option than my usual six month consulting contract. In this 75 minute meeting, we will cover your internet marketing business questions; both practical and conceptual.

Want to talk through your launch process? We can do that.

Want to critique your website? We can do that.

Want to design your information product line? We can do that too.

In these 75 minutes of power, we will break down your business to its main structure and build it up again, stronger, sleeker, and better than ever.

One thing I’ve learned is that if you’re a creative and ambitious entrepreneur, your business can feel really complicated, really fast. This has even happened in my business, and I’m on a mission to pare down, streamline, and get rid of anything that isn’t working.

That is leaving me more resources to focus more on the things that are working.

I’d like to help you do the same.

Rachna, you have amazing insight into what's needed in this fast-changing digital environment. I'm grateful for all your wisdom, mad skills, and big heart!

Mark Silver


When I began working with Rachna, my primary goal was to fill one of my coach training programs. We exceeded this goal – and early, too. Rachna helped me clarify my marketing strategy in the big picture, and helped me coordinate the individual pieces so everything worked well together. We accomplished my main goal in just a few weeks- and I’m looking forward to moving ahead on my other business goals with even more confidence. If you’re looking to work with someone who can make your internet marketing make sense (and money)- hire Rachna.

Lyn Allen


Let’s Find the Answers Together

The whiteboard session takes place by video conference at a mutually convenient day and time. I’ll record our meeting and send you a copy of that after our call- this way, you can refer back to this when you need to.

In the 75 minutes, we’ll examine your current biggest frustration, and we’ll create a doable plan; making your business easier to run, and more profitable too.

The investment for the whiteboard is $397, and you’ll easily get 10x the value in our meeting. I’ve been able to find thousands of dollars for my clients in just a 30 minute meeting. Imagine what we could uncover in your business in 2.5 times that?

I do offer a 30 minute satisfaction guarantee. Sign up for a session, and if within the first 30 minutes of our meeting, you don’t feel like we’re on the right track, just let me know, and we can either adjust to meet your needs, or you can request a full refund of your payment.

This way, you’re not under any risk in the unlikely chance that we don’t click.

After the 30 minutes, there are no refunds for this session.

All you have to do to get into my calendar is click the button below and complete your payment. When I see it come in, I’ll get in touch with you to set up our meeting.

I can’t wait to speak with you!