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Ok- at a time when life seems to be speeding up (with the holidays, end of year preparations, and my upcoming Spring wedding), this is probably NOT the best time to be considering a change in my business. I know, I know.. but I am, anyway. I have been pondering the idea that the sales/marketing coaching aspect of my business could use some repositioning and rebranding. Since I love to publish and sell products, this is one element of my newly developing strategy. Although common wisdom says that sometimes you have to limit the amount of change you’re going through (and I usually agree)- I also feel really called to reposition my business in a way that feels better to me. So, two thoughts for you- first, as a loyal reader of my blog (and newsletter), let me ask you- would you be interested in learning how to publish and package your expertise so you can create passive streams of income? Profiting from your expertise, as it were? And..thought #2- when you are in midst of great change, what’s a little more?? {smiles} See you next week!