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Site authority is becoming increasingly important in gaining search engine ranking. One way you can build site authority is by gaining relevant links coming into your website. But what makes your website one that other people want to link to?

linkworthy-websiteThere are several factors.

#1) Useful, relevant and accurate content.

Your website should provide useful and accurate content that helps your audience in some way. It can inspire them, educate them, entertain them- or do all of those things. Top 10 lists, lists of resources, tools, and tutorials are very popular kinds of content.

#2) Consistent content promotion.

This is one area that most of us could be better at, myself included. Only by regularly promoting your content can others know it exists. Until they know it exists, they can’t read it or link to it. So content promotion is very important in terms of generating new incoming links.

#3) Mobile responsive.

With more than 45% of people researching online and sharing what they find from their mobile devices, your site needs to be mobile responsive too. If your audience can review your website on their phones and tablets, you have a greater chance that your content will be shared, creating more links.

#4) Keep your site fresh.

Like anything else, there are trends in web design. If your site design is more than a few years old, it might be time for a design refresh. You don’t have to change everything, but do ask your web designer to review your site at least every couple of years and suggest some small changes you can make to keep your site up to date with current trends. People are more likely to link to sites that are updated and current, both in content and appearance.

#5) Be natural.

If you create good content, promote it widely, and build a relationship with your audience, you will naturally gain shares and incoming links. The most important thing is to provide content your audience likes and wants, and to be well researched and credible. Chasing links is not useful, nor really that worthwhile in the long run.

Using these tips will help you create a website that is link-worthy- and that people actually link to.