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Mindshare is a term used to describe your customer’s experience of your brand. Mindshare is created from many touchpoints the customer has with your company.

These touchpoints include, but are not limited to, phone calls, your website, your business card, your text-based communication vehicles (direct mail, emails, newsletters, blog), presentations, and public relations, as well as your company logo, graphics, use of social proof, and their own personal beliefs, values, expectations, and experiences in using your products or services.

Each of these touchpoints represents a valuable facet of creating the full spectrum experience of mindshare.

While many companies want more mindshare, few understand the finesse necessary to capture it. Mindshare is fickle. Your company may be the #1, “go-to” choice today, but be all but forgotten tomorrow.

The challenges of creating and maintaining mindshare are many- but the opportunities are even greater. In this several part series, we’ll explore various facets of mindshare in much greater detail, providing a roadmap for your company to get, and keep, more of it.