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If you are looking into website designing and development services, you probably have a lot of questions. After all, there are thousands of website developers online; how do you decide who to work with?

How do you know which platform to select for your site and hosting? How can you be a contributor to the process if you don’t have a lot of technical skill?

If these questions are going through your mind, I’m glad you’ve arrived here today. My company has been building websites for clients since 2003, and we favor WordPress as our platform of choice. We have tested multiple other content management systems, but have found WordPress to be the best blend of functionality and usability at reasonably low cost.

We provide a full range of WordPress services, from installation to maintenance to revenue generation. As an entrepreneur, I understand that your website should not only be attractive and easy to use- you want it to be the best reflection of your brand and business that it can be. As a marketer, I understand that your website should enable you to promote through blogging, audio, and video content. As a business owner, I know that you want your website to make sales.

If you are considering working with a website designer- only- you are limiting your online business growth, right out of the gate. If you work with a marketer who offers website building- as I do- you get the best of both worlds: attractive design that also makes you money.

We can help with a variety of website situations:


Don't Yet Have a Website

My team can build your website on WordPress. We can provide hosting services if you require them. Bring your domain name and we do the rest.

Have a Non-Wordpress Website

My team can convert your site to WordPress. We can also give you access to self-guided video training so you can learn how to use your new WordPress site.

Website Not Performing

If you have a WordPress site, but you’re not getting the results you want. I can offer a website review as a first step.

Need a Mobile-Friendly Site

We can make your existing WordPress site mobile friendly.

Wordpress Maintenance

We can keep your WordPress site up to date and well maintained. This is important to keep your site secure.

Need More Leads?

If your site isn’t generation enough clients, learn more about my lead generation services.

Monetize Website

We can add your membership script and set up your payment systems for a membership site.

Other Concerns

Anything else you need that’s not covered here? We can probably help. Contact me!

These services can be combined together, so, for instance, if you want your site optimized AND a mobile site built- we can do that. If you want your site to gain SEO-ranking and also be updated, we can do that.

This range of services should cover most of what you might need for your business. If you have anything specific that you’re looking for which is not on this list, please let me know what you need and we’ll see if we can do it for you.

I was referred to Rachna Jain by a colleague when I asked around about getting my website refreshed, as I have a new book coming out. I have had my website done and revised several times throughout my career, but I can honestly say I had the best experience I have ever had with Rachna's incredible expertise in helping me get the design and content I really wanted. Rachna listened to exactly what I wanted and it seemed incredibly seamless. She seemed to really understand my desire for a more streamlined and modern site and she was expedient in the launch of my website, as well as responsive when minor adjustments needed to be made. I am incredibly happy with my site. Her pricing is more than fair and the result far exceeded my expectations. I can't recommend Rachna highly enough for website design.

Update 2019: I worked with Rachna again when I needed a major overhaul of my website. I could not be more pleased. This version of my website is the best I ever had. I provided some very basic ideas and some models, but she knew exactly what I wanted.

It was incredible what she provided: perfect placement of articles and logos, a great way to reach out to clients, and she was very flexible with what I asked for. For example, I sent some wildlife shots I thought she could use and she picked this perfect backdrop of a place we went in Milford Sound as part of my website.

Rachna is professional, easy to work with, and very flexible and friendly. I can't imagine anyone else I could ever work with who can make a website go from good to great.

Tamara Greenberg


Rachna is your go-to website person!  Rachna was a life-saver for me when my website crashed and my old developer disappeared. She was super responsive, very professional, and extremely generous with her time in order to help me solve my website problems.  I highly recommend her!

Quentin Hafner


My clients enjoy working with me because I make website building easy. I have a team that creates attractive, easy to use websites which have all the features you need- and none that you don’t.

If you want to get a website that is beautiful and profitable, please get in touch!