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Attention is mediated by a structure in our brains known as the reticular activating system.

The reticular activating system (RAS) extends from the brainstem to the midbrain and is the primary controller of arousal and motivation in humans.

The RAS has afferent and efferent pathways, which means it sends data up the brain, and transmits data down the brain.

When sending information up the brain, it is functioning as a processing pathway. When sending information down the brain, it is driving action and behavior.

As the social media space becomes noisier and more crowded, getting attention is going to be more of a challenge.

The best way to get attention is to be relevant.

Adults focus almost exclusively on messages and information which will help them reach important goals, or which are immediately applicable to their current life or career situation.

The best way to get attention is to provide content and information which helps your viewers, visitors, or listeners make a behavioral change.

Whether you want them to start doing something, or to stop doing something, the more you can gain their attention, provide relevant and compelling content, and then make a recommendation for them, the easier it will be to create behavioral change.

And when you’ve been able to create behavioral change- whether it be in the way a person thinks, feels, or acts- you have gained influence with that person, and they are going to see you as much more relevant from then on.

Then your only goal is to remain relevant, which you can do by continuing to share powerful and useful information.

And so on.