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Video marketing is one of the areas that is gaining more attention and interest. Video is a fast way to build rapport and connection with your audience, and yet, it’s not always necessary that your videos have you on screen, speaking direct to camera.

video-marketing-formatsIn the launch campaigns I’ve been helping my clients with, we’ve been testing multiple video formats, mixing them up within the course of a single launch. We’re seeing high engagement, and more sales.

So here are six video formats you can consider using too:

1) You on Camera

This is the one that most people think about when they consider video marketing. This format requires that you have some comfort being on camera, and you probably want to invest in a good camera and some good lighting. You might need an assistant to help you make these videos, especially if you are using a video camera rather than a web camera.

2) Powerpoint videos

These are videos made from Powerpoint slides, with voiceover. These can be effective for teaching information, and are often also used for sales videos.

3) You + Whiteboard

These are a little different than just you on camera. In this format, you’re demonstrating your ideas on a whiteboard, drawing out notes or visuals as you speak. This format might require some editing and it almost surely will require some practice to make sure your presentation is clear, well drawn, and understandable.

Be sure you look into the camera for the majority of the presentation and not at the whiteboard.

4)Prezi or Animoto and are both popular, online, easy to use video programs. They enable you to add images and effects, and background narration or music. Basic versions of both are free, but have limitations. You can use either to create highly professional and visually stunning presentations. You can learn more at or

5) Hand Drawn Animation

Hand drawn animation is where you have hand-drawn graphics that look like they’re animating concepts. You can use this to demonstrate what you’re talking about, while keeping people visually entertained.

You might have seen these in the type of whiteboard video where a hand draws the concepts and words or voiceover narrate it.

6) Screencasts/Screen-sharing

A screencast, or a screen capture is a great way to do videos in technical markets or when you have something you can demonstrate on screen.

It shows people you know what you’re talking about. It also allows you to clearly illustrate concepts and techniques in real time.

Use screencasts when you have something that would be easier to show than tell.

So these are the six different ways you can create your videos. Some of them use tools you probably already have on your computer. Some others require services which might need a bit of investment- in time and money.

Hopefully this has inspired you to consider adding video to your marketing mix!