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Like many of you, I’ve been following the developments in the Jennifer Willbank’s case with some interest over the past few weeks. Read the full story here: You may know her as the "runaway bride" who felt so much stress about her upcoming wedding that she disappeared for a few days. This whole situation got me thinking about what a huge publicity opportunity this is for professionals in many different fields. For therapists/relationship experts/relationship coaches: The opportunities are obvious. You could talk about pre-wedding jitters, managing anxiety, and keeping your relationship strong. If you own a floral, catering, or otherwise serve the wedding industry, you could talk about topics like deciding on the size of your wedding, what to do with your flowers when the wedding doesn’t happen, how to minimize costs on a big wedding- anything that relates, somehow, to an element of a national story. If you work in insurance, what about offering some advice on how to protect yourself from the unexpected- like a last minute postponement of the wedding? Whatever the news, figure that it’s running because people care about the topic. The better you can be at tying the focus of your business to a current hot topic, the more publicity you will generate for your business. The more publicity you generate, the more polished your self promotional capacities will become. Always be looking for the newsworthy angles in your business- and yes, they are there!