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If you’re anything like me, your "to-do" list is routinely longer than your "got-done" list. I noticed today that there were a couple items on my list that had been there for a few days- and I also noticed I was feeling stressed about working on them. I’m in the learning process as far as setting up an affiliate program for my products- a couple people had requested this, so I felt like the time was right…the problem was that I was never seeming to get around to getting this going. When I checked in with myself, I noticed that I was feeling some amount of dread- worrying that it was going to be really difficult, involved, or might require a lot of time. I decided to use 5 minute blocks to get me started. In the first 5 minutes, I named the program and designated the products which would be eligible for commission. I also denoted the commission values. After the first 5 minutes, I decided I could work for another 5, so I spent this next little block of time in setting up some welcome emails, and began designing some advertising materials. After 10 minutes, I felt like this was enough for the day- and I saw that I had made some noticeable progress. If you have a task that you keep putting off, it’s probably because you’ve made it large and overwhelming. By working in 5 minute chunks, you can cross an item of your list- which is good- and do it in a way that feels easy and fun- which is even better!