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So I’ve just set up my new road trip blog at I chose to set it up on Posterous rather than on my own server because I wanted to use some of Posterous’ functionality more easily. I know I can set  up all these functions on my site, but I felt like Posterous was a good option for getting set up and blogging quickly.

Since I tend to be a blog perfectionistic, it takes me way longer than it needs to get my own self-hosted blogs set up just right.

Anyway, as part of this process, I was looking at other ways to syndicate my content to both Twitter & Facebook. I came across the application, and really like it so far. I had been using the Twitter application for Facebook, but has additional functionality. Not only does it post your content into Facebook from Twitter, it also adds a link to each update that says, “Follow me on Twitter.”

Now, this is a smart strategy to adopt, we always want to be seeking easy ways to overlap our social networks. I talk about this in more detail in my 21 lesson Build Influence in Social Media ecourse , but the idea is that you want to have as many of the same contacts on all the social networks as you can.

So anyway, I wanted to let you know that looks like a great application so far- it is working well for me, and I’ve already gained some new Twitter followers from using it for just a few hours.

If you are looking to grow your Twitter network while sending Twitter updates to Facebook, check out You can find it in the applications section of your Facebook profile.

And stay tuned for a special announcement tomorrow which will help you streamline your social media efforts and get more value from your social media investment.