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I don’t know if any of you have noticed a huge influx of new business lately (I hope you have!) but I definitely have seen many new clients coming into my business. While this is always exciting, it can also cause a bit of a strain as I need to re-organize my time, schedule, and approach to absorb new people into the mix. In talking with other solo-professionals, it seems that a sudden growth spurt does cause a bit of strain. A way to manage this would be to slightly stagger your new client start dates. If you work intensively with your clients- as I do- this can give you a chance to "catch your breath" and to get focused (without getting confused!). Now, what I do is aim to start a new client no more often than 1 per week- and this seems to be working well for me so far. The last thing you want to do is turn away new business- especially when people seek you out- so find a way to gracefully manage the abundance so you can eventually receive more and more.