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Taken from this month’s Sales and Marketing Secrets ezine, here are some tips for successful self promotion: As a service business owner, you need to become a successful self promoter. After all, you’re most likely the one with whom clients will be working so they need to know who you are– and how to find you– in order to become your clients in the first place! After all, no clients = no money. (Which is not good.) It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that most people fear self promotion, and because they fear it, they actively avoid it. I, too, used to be uncomfortable with self promotion, until I implemented the following tips: 1) Be as attractive as possible. This means that you do everything you can to present a polished, successful, confident image. It doesn’t mean that you present yourself as someone different than who you are, rather, that you present yourself the best you can. 2) Be ready to accept clients. Have all of your business materials, processes, and plans in place. Be able to accept new business as it comes in. This will allow you to harness the energy of every new client relationship. 3) Be open to new opportunities. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to share your business with others. Get in the habit of asking, "How can I best share my business with this (person, organization, group)?" ….to be continued.