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I decided it was time for a new category- one focused on tips to help you build your expert status. This is a topic near and dear to my heart (and my business!) as this was one of the first areas I focused on when starting my business several years ago. Why? Because experts get paid more and get paid more easily. When you are seen as an expert, it’s easier to attract clients and easier to be paid at higher rates. If your expert status could use some bolstering, read through these next tips and apply them to your business. Tip #1: Create a website showcasing your expertise. Most experts focus on niche areas. What is yours? How can you define (or redefine) yourself as the go-to expert in a certain field? If your website doesn’t present you as a top expert (or what Elsom Eldridge terms "the obvious expert")- it’s time for a change. Visit your website and see if it presents you & your expertise in the best possible light. If not, make changes until it does. That’s tip #1.