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This 4 letter word determines your business success

There’s a simple four letter word that separates the most successful entrepreneurs from those who aren’t.

This four letter word can make the difference between an entrepreneur who fails and one who succeeds.

The four letter word?


Grit- an indomitable spirit.

A spirit which can not be crushed or overcome.

Indomitable spirit is what we need to cultivate if we want to achieve what we are truly capable of.

That means when you run into an obstacle- you go over it.

If you can’t go over it, you go around it.

If you can’t go around it, you go under it.

You do whatever it takes.

Resilience can be grown and practiced (I learned this when I wrote a book on it.)

What makes an interesting life is not the obstacles we run into, but how we surpass them.

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