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A concept I’ve been thinking about recently is that of the “tipping point of awareness”. As it sounds, it’s that point where you’ve done just enough marketing that people are starting to pay attention, and with just a bit more marketing, you’ll start to see results. This “tipping point of awareness” (TPOA) seems to be different for each project, and varies, also with the means you use to promote.

tipping-point-of-awarenessIf you are using social media a great deal, for instance, you’ll find that your TPOA takes longer to reach. This is due, in part, to the time-shifted and fragmented nature of social media. You can’t be sure that your target audience will see your marketing in a timely fashion, nor can you be sure they will receive enough touches to actually take action. So your TPOA may take longer to attain.

If you are using strategies like video, you might find that you move people into action more quickly, but you still have to build up enough views and presence to get the attention of new people in the first place.

The biggest mistake I see in this arena is losing patience, getting frustrated, and then stopping your marketing too soon. You can’t really know how close you are to the TPOA, but you can be sure that if you show up and market consistently, something will start to happen.

Let me share a story of this related to my book promotion.

As you may know, I’ve just completed writing a book that I am in love with. That book is Internet Marketing for the Rest of Us: Your In-Depth Guide to Profitable Popularity

I’ve made a commitment to take at least one action per day for the next 90 days to promote this book.

I had a two week period for preorder sales and sold about 200 books in that time. This was a solid start, and enabled me to build some buzz for the book.

Since then, I’ve been posting on Facebook as I’ve been signing books and fulfilling orders. These posts are raising awareness and excitement of the book. While I can’t be sure, I fully anticipate that people will post to my Wall when they begin receiving their books. This will generate more awareness of my book.

I’ve also set up a Facebook group for purchasers of the book, and am starting a book club to meet and discuss the book. The purpose of this is several fold. First, I want to connect with my readers, and get information and insight on what parts of the book they are applying and using, and what parts might need more clarification. I’m planning to use this information to help me define what might be next in terms of the book’s content. My goal is to delight the attendees with more clarity, knowledge, and information such that they feel like they want to share the bookclub with others. Of course this will require that others purchase a copy of my book to join the bookclub.

I’ve also gone ahead and starting creating some content to begin syndicating online to promote the book, and I’m setting up several teleseminar appearances from the same content. (In fact, if you would like me to speak to your community about strategies and ideas from my book, please contact me)

I’m also looking into doing a press release and generating some major media interviews (radio and print) to help raise awareness of my book. Oh, and yes, all my upcoming speaking engagements also include some mention of my book, and, in some cases, will also offer a chance to purchase the book on site.

In addition, I’m looking into some other ways to raise awareness and get the word out.

The key points are these:

  1. You probably need more marketing than you think to reach the tipping point of awareness.
  2. Don’t stop until you’re seeing results. Even if they don’t come the way you expect, results will happen.
  3. Make it easy and manageable- one action per day for 90 days. Consistency over time is the key to success here.
  4. Use all the marketing avenues you can to let people know.
  5. With a compelling offer and enough awareness, people will take action.

The ultimate goal of your marketing is to turn the tipping point of awareness into the tipping point of action.

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