Your Business ProfitPrint


Your business has a unique signature; created from the framework of your message, your market, and your method of service delivery. The best way to uncover that unique signature is through my Profitprint Intensive.

The Profitprint Intensive is a planning session; where we meet and go through the elements of your business, defining where you are now, and the next steps necessary to reach your stated goals. We’ll start with a thorough analysis of your current business, if you have one, or, if this is a new business you wish to start, we’ll cover your what, who, and why now.

This meeting is designed to be an effective bridge between our initial brief strategy call, and a potential commitment to work together in a formal consulting relationship. I developed this model as a way for us to meet each other and explore our working styles in a short term and limited format.

I feel this is only fair before asking either of us to make a longer term agreement to work together.

What The Session Is:

*An in-depth review of your current or desired business

What the Session Does:

*Defines the exact sequence of next right steps necessary to optimize your current business, or to begin a new one.

How It Works:

We’ll arrange our meeting for a mutually convenient day and time. We’ll meet by video conferencing for up to three hours to define every aspect of your business in terms of where you are now and what the next steps would be.

You will leave the session with a complete list of actions needed to move your business forward.

You will also receive a recording of the session.

After our meeting, you will have everything you need to move forward in your business; and we’ll also discuss possibilities for how I and my team could assist you in implementation of your Profitprint.


How It Works