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Last Fall, my colleague Denise Wakeman and I put out a social media use survey to find out what people’s biggest questions were about social media.

Not surprisingly, the biggest questions people had were about how to monetize their social media efforts. What was surprising was how many people were using only the social networks (Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn), but not using the other 10 kinds of social sites.

To have an effective and profitable social media outcome, you need to be using as many of the social media sites as you can.

I can hear you now, “But, Rachna- I spend so much time in social media already, where will I get more time?”

And the good news is, you don’t need more time- you need a better system- and that better system must include content syndication.

Content syndication is the term for rapidly and efficiently sharing your message (text, audio, or video) across the Internet. Done correctly, content syndication has the power to give you four things: better search engine positioning, expert status, a larger following, and more leads for your business.

Until now, content syndication has been kind of a mystery. Even if you understand why you need to do it, the “how” to do it piece has been missing.

Denise & I looking to change that.

In our 4 week training program, you’ll learn how to easily convert your text into audio and video formats, as well as how to set up an easy and efficient syndication system that works.

(Don’t worry, we’re not talking technical geek-speak here.)

We’ll teach you our systems for creating and distributing content across the many kinds of social media sites.

We’ll answer all your questions, and give you the exact steps and specific strategies we use to monetize social media.

You can get full details here:

We’re only taking a limited number of people into the training so we can give the most value. If you’re interested, sign up today so you’re not locked out.

See you there!