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The marketing plateau refers to that point where you’ve implemented all the marketing avenues you can think of, and now you’re just waiting for the results to start pouring in. When reaching this plateau, some people will feel relaxed and gratified- they know they’ve done their best, and they expect positive results. For these people, the plateau may represent a welcome "break in the action"- giving them a chance to regather their energies and refocus their efforts. For other people, though, the "marketing plateau" represents a time of anxiety- and a sense of "watching a pot which never boils". These people double and triple check their marketing approach, and sometimes make changes before it’s even clear if a change is necessary. These people would benefit from practicing some anxiety management. Just like the garden won’t grow if you keep pulling up the plant roots to see if anything is sprouting, your business won’t grow consistently if you keep making changes that might not be necessary. When you hit a marketing plateau, do whatever it takes to acknowledge your progress and be optimistic about how your efforts will unfold. Enjoy yourself in the meantime, because if you’ve thoughtfully and actively pursued your marketing plan, the open space you’re in probably won’t last too long.