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Recently, I was contacted by an organization that asked me to speak to its members in a workshop format. Although they were not offering payment for this opportunity, they did offer that it was an opportunity to increase my exposure. The only rule was: I couldn’t promote myself. When I tried to find out what this meant, the person I was speaking with wasn’t able to give me any information or guidelines. Was I permitted to say that I owned a business? (Don’t know) Was I permitted to mention that I had worked with other clients? (Don’t know) Was I able to mention relevant articles or books if appropriate? (Don’t know) Since I wasn’t given any satisfactory answers, I respectfully declined the opportunity. It’s not clear to me how you can gain greater exposure if you can’t talk about yourself in an appropriate way. There is a way to promote yourself without being inappropriate or over-hyped. We’ll explore that idea in this ongoing thread.