I worked with Rachna to redo my site, TheSleepDoctor.com. As a well known media personality, it was important to me that my site reflected my media appearances, products, and speaking experience in the best light.

Rachna was thoughtful about how the site should be laid out, and she modernized my site from its previous appearance. My site is now a strong showcase for my media and public speaking efforts. Rachna was patient, professional and easy to work with.

I also worked with Rachna to build an online course from my existing materials. She completed this course on time, and laid it out thoughtfully. The course has received rave reviews from my students.

If you need a speaking or media site built, or an online course from your expert materials, I'd recommend contacting Rachna.

Michael Breus, Ph.D.

CEO, TheSleepDoctor.com

Working with Rachna is a blast! I had the pleasure of working with her a decade ago, briefly, as part of someone else's project. Jump ahead 10 years and I needed someone to help me redesign my website, start a customer contact campaign, and pull together multiple platforms into one integrated model in order to bring my company, Tambuli Media, to the next level.

I immediately thought of Rachna and reached out with an email. She responded promptly and we spoke by phone- and that's all it took. I found her sharp, knowledgeable, fast thinking, and able to do workarounds to help actualize my vision. She also helped craft a new vision that I didn't know was possible. I highly recommend Rachna and her team and continue to work with her now.

Dr. Mark Wiley

Publisher, Tambuli Media

In one year working with Rachna, we experienced a 30% growth in annual sales of our half-million dollar company. With our second (newer company) annual sales doubled. Profit increased significantly (more than 100%) for both companies. We created a better marketing funnel which eased the 'perpetual-need-to-launch' pressure. Rachna helped improve our client engagement and our list not only grew but so did our credibility and connection with our community. I can't wait to see what we achieve as we work together this next year!

Casey Truffo

CEO, BeAWealthyTherapist.net

I was lucky enough to work with Rachna in the past as part of a mastermind so when it came time to get some one-on-one help, I knew exactly who to ask. Her unique and deep knowledge in diverse areas of business really helped me hone in on what was really happening in my business and within me that was creating a stuck point. Her keen insight coupled with her direct and truth-telling approach yields immediate insights and do-able implementation. I hired Rachna to help me optimize my profit systems. With one small tool and tweak, in the first quarter of working together I was able to increase my income 3X my monthly coaching investment with this change alone. Her pragmatic approach is exactly what my business needed. Every meeting is not only enjoyable but immediately actionable in multiple ways.

Paula Gregorowicz


Hi, I’m Dr. Irena O’Brien of The Neuroscience School. I worked with Rachna as my coach when I was first developing this program and our work together helped me put in place a solid foundation for success. Today I have a successful business teaching neuroscience to coaches and helping professionals. I have partnerships with well known companies in the coaching space; and my income has grown to over six figures in the past year. Rachna’s suggestions, advice, and encouragement pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me find what I’m really good at. I love my business and am excited about its potential. Thank you, Rachna, for the huge effect you’ve had on my life and business. I couldn’t have achieved this without your help.

Dr. Irena O'Brien

PhD, Founder and Director, The Neuroscience School

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Rachna for the past two years, first when she was my client, and now as a member of the leadership team for my company, WealthyThoughtLeader.com. In the time I’ve known Rachna, I’ve come to appreciate the rare combination of talents she represents: a strategic approach to online marketing, combined with rapid execution and implementation towards defined goals. Rachna is a rare gem – the real deal when it comes to helping businesses become more well known, and make money.

Andrea J. Lee

CEO, WealthyThoughtLeader.com

We’ve been working with Rachna for the past six months. In that time, we’ve experienced great results. We’ve gained additional #1 listings in Google for our keyword terms, reduced our reliance on paid traffic while increasing our overall site traffic by 60%. Our number of site visitors continues to increase, our social media presence is growing, and our newsletter subscriptions and paid registrations have both increased. We’re very pleased with the results so far. We plan to work with Rachna to bring online some of our new trainings and initiatives. If you are looking to grow your site traffic and put your business in front of clients looking for you- hire Rachna.

Robert Finkelstein

Executive Director, Karrass.com

I adore learning; however, there have been only a few times in life when I have found myself completely "in sync" with the person teaching me. That was far from true with marketing coach Dr. Rachna Jain. I am the main leader in this online marketing adventure that my nonprofit has been undertaking since January of this year.

For over the last three months, my week began with her Skype call. She inspired, energized, pushed, empowered, and eased my concerns. She was always positive, imaginative, adaptable, encouraging, sincere, and operating with the highest integrity. Every question was answered with honesty, thoroughly, logically, and with the assurance of yet another step that I might take or option that I might consider.

As I now move out now on my own, I know that I have had the finest coaching available. My confidence is heightened because I am sure that any time I stumble, I can reach back out and get the exact answers I need from her vast pool of knowledge, along with new creative suggestions that no one else has yet even to consider. She's so very wise, so culturally aware, and yet she has a calm assurance that makes it easy to step into uncharted territory without fear.

I am available for any inquiries as I highly recommend her as a marketing coach.

Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Zaleski MacKenzie

President & Presiding Elder, Summerland Monastery, Inc. CAW

On a colleague’s recommendation, I hired Rachna to do SEO work for my counseling practice site. I can confidently stand by my colleague’s recommendation, she delivers! Since I’ve been working with Rachna, in the past 6 months, I’ve seen a 25%-30% increase in the number of inquiries coming into my practice compared with the first 6 months of last year! I’ve also doubled the amount of client conversions in the past 6 months compared to 2016, in part due to targeted content pages that Rachna helped me work on and optimize, so that I’m better able to reach my target audience. She is very friendly and accessible, and has a wonderful ability to explain technical processes in a way the average person can understand. As a result of the increased referrals, both my associate and I are full, and I’m considering hiring another one! I would not be in this position if it were not for Rachna and her fabulous work! I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Lesley Martin, MA, LMHC, NCC

WNY Holistic Counseling

Rachna's business coaching has been invaluable to me as a first time entrepreneur. Her insights and feedback are always on point. She always replies quickly and thoughtfully to questions and concerns. She is innovative and incredibly smart. Having Rachna as a sounding board has enabled me get acknowledgement for things that are working for my business and allowed me to pivot for things that are not. Having her as part of my team has given me the inspiration and courage to keep pushing forward which is essential when owning a business.

Rita Patel

CEO, TheSariMarket.com

We contacted Rachna based on the recommendation of a colleague, and we have enjoyed working with Rachna on our site. She and her team produced an attractive, easy to navigate site that was delivered according to our needs. We had effective communication and feel this process was a WIN all around. This is the way website design should be. I've already recommended Rachna's team to a publishing house and to small business colleagues!

Jana Kemp

Author, Speaker, Ghostwriter & Project Manager, Life-a-Tecture.com

I’ve had a sampling of my videos on Youtube and other sites for the last few years. Before I met Rachna my previous high was just over 2300 views to one of my videos, and that was over two years. When Rachna got her hands on my latest 3 minute video I was absolutely shocked that after 3 days I had over 30,000 views!!! If you want to play a bigger game you need Rachna on your team. Thanks Rachna!

Shawn Shepheard

CEO, SugarFreeShawn.com

"When I first began working with Rachna, I was just starting a new counseling practice on my own. As you can imagine, I was worried and nervous about whether my practice would succeed. Even though the SEO was a significant financial investment, I trusted Rachna and believed in her capacity to get results. I was very pleased with the outcomes of our work together; my site gained numerous top rankings and my phone started ringing with new clients. I am now directing a multi-clinician practice, and I know that the SEO work I decided to invest in helped me get there. In fact, the SEO Rachna worked on is still performing at a very high level four years later! I'm looking forward to working with Rachna again, as I'm ready to grow my practice to a new level and expand into some new areas. I highly recommend Rachna's services if you are a therapist who wants to grow a more profitable practice."

Travis Frye, MA, LPC

Owner, CounselingPhoenixScottsdale.com

When I went looking for someone to help promote my website, I was delighted to discover Rachna. She not only thoroughly knows the craft of website promotion, but brings brilliance to what she does with her unique approach. Her ability to teach her powerful synthesis of tools, and what’s “geek” to most of us, is clear, straight forward and easy to understand. Rachna’s style is warm, fun, and reassuring to any novice. And for those who have studied SEO, keywords and site promotion already, you will learn new tricks and techniques with Rachna.

Gia Combs-Ramirez

CEO, ScienceofEnergyHealing.com

I needed a new website because hadn't changed anything on my website in 8 years and it was on a programmed platform. This past April when Google changed and websites needed to be mobile friendly I knew I was going to have to update my website. After a really bad experience with a web designer, I hired Rachna to re-do my website to a Wordpress website so that it would be mobile friendly. I met Rachna at a conference a couple of years ago and her presentation explained in simple terms what you need in a website to use it as a marketing tool.

Rachna is patient (especially with those of us who are not tech savvy), a great teacher, helpful, honest, and pays close attention to detail. She made the process really easy! We emailed back and forth a few times and my website was up and running in a few weeks. I am so happy with my website. I highly recommend Rachna. I know when I need website help, she is the person that I will turn to. Thank you Rachna!

April de Higes

CEO, TherapywithCompassion.com

When I began working with Rachna, my primary goal was to fill one of my coach training programs. We exceeded this goal – and early, too. Rachna helped me clarify my marketing strategy in the big picture, and helped me coordinate the individual pieces so everything worked well together. We accomplished my main goal in just a few weeks- and I’m looking forward to moving ahead on my other business goals with even more confidence. If you’re looking to work with someone who can make your internet marketing make sense (and money)- hire Rachna.

Lyn Allen

CEO, CoachesFinishingSchool.com

"I've been working with Rachna and her team for my SEO needs for a little over a year, and I'm pleased that in that time I've seen a near 100% return on my investment from the business her SEO work has brought in. That means that now, moving forward, I stand to profit immensely over the coming months and years as her work continues to bring new clients into my practice.

I would also add that the quality of referrals I receive is very high, meaning that most clients who find me online and book with me are exactly my ideal client. My practice is full of wonderful clients with whom I love to work.

In addition. Rachna remains my go-to person for sound web/SEO/technology advice, and I know that I can trust her to shoot straight with me and also be incredibly prompt on emails and calls. I feel very lucky to have her on my team of support people and know that I'm being very well taken care of!"

Jen Kilgo

CEO, RootCounseling.com

I have been working with Rachna for the past one year to create online courses and grow my online course business. She has been guiding me in creating courses, landing and sales pages, email campaigns and online ads. While there has been a lot to learn, I am finally seeing success in selling my online courses.
Rachna is extremely knowledgeable in various areas of business, very patient and understanding of your specific needs. She addresses all my concerns promptly and even helps me stay organized and focused on my immediate goals. She is sincere, creative and honest.
If you are newly starting or struggling to grow your business, I strongly recommend you start with Rachna Jain.
Sarat J Chakravarthi

Founder/Coach, LeadYouth

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Rachna gave me key tools to grow my business, such as targeted surveys, social media strategies, and effective promotion for my practical spirituality classes. She was instrumental in clarifying the direction I really wanted to go with my business. Rachna has an extensive knowledge base in so many areas, and she is also intuitive, insightful and quite enjoyable to work with.

Rose Sneeringer

CEO, TheBookNurturer.com

I’ve been working with Rachna for the past couple of months on getting signups to my preview call and more newsletter subscribers, as well as getting more people to visit my site. What I like best about working with Rachna is that she is an expert strategist- she sees the big picture of what needs to happen, and then makes sure everything that needs to happen actually does. With her help, I’ve grown my newsletter subscriber base, and have had many more people on my preview calls. She also has been able to help me with on-the-spot coaching around my offers. I’m really excited about the work we’ve done together so far, and excited to keep growing my subscribers and website visitors with her help. If you want to get and keep the right attention for your business, work with Rachna.

Lisa Murrell

CEO, EquineAlchemy.com

Do you see yourself in my dilemma? Transitioning from a boutique personal service business to an ambitious virtual business that expresses my values, helps many people to a better livelihood, and answers my financial purposes? I had “the thinking,” but not the technology, and I knew enough to know that the very technology that outpaced me should be foundational to my thinking — not a detail to wrap my mind around at that infamous later time. Enter Dr. Rachna Jain — the ultimate marriage broker between your business idea and the cutting edge marketing technology that will not only serve it, but fast-track it to its very most competitive and profitable form.

From a discussion of strategy, all the way to some dazzlingly shrewd ideas for very long term profitability, Rachna helped me clarify what steps I’d need to take (and what technology to use) to make sure I could create a business with equity value and scalability. If you want to create a business you can take great joy in running, selling it profitably when the time is right, if you want to make a positive impact on the greatest possible number of people rather than the few who might be singing your song, if you want to build in the kind of assessments that will help you make sure you and your market are on the same wavelength all the way, and if you want a caring, kind-hearted and super-smart person to help you do all this, then — work with Rachna!

Elatia Harris

CEO, LucysMomCuisine

Over the last several months Rachna has done a fabulous job of re-creating our website. We started with a planning conference call. Despite not having met Rachna in person, my colleague and I were very impressed by how quickly Rachna understood our business and what we were trying to accomplish with our website. We immediately knew we were in good hands. Her questions were insightful, and helped us to clarify and come to positive resolutions about several issues we had been going around in circles on, as well as set out in some new directions.

We had many exchanges by email after that first live conversation, and I always found Rachna’s responses timely and helpful. Rachna also converted our website to WordPress, which has allowed her (and eventually us) to make quite a large number of changes quickly and with apparent ease. Rachna always got things right the first time. We are more than satisfied with the results, and would highly recommend Rachna.

Lynn D. Keehan, Ph.D.

CoFounder, PrescottBrainIntegration.com

Rachna, you have amazing insight into what's needed in this fast-changing digital environment. I'm grateful for all your wisdom, mad skills, and big heart!

Mark Silver

CEO, HeartofBusiness.com

I was referred to Rachna Jain by a colleague when I asked around about getting my website refreshed, as I have a new book coming out. I have had my website done and revised several times throughout my career, but I can honestly say I had the best experience I have ever had with Rachna's incredible expertise in helping me get the design and content I really wanted. Rachna listened to exactly what I wanted and it seemed incredibly seamless. She seemed to really understand my desire for a more streamlined and modern site and she was expedient in the launch of my website, as well as responsive when minor adjustments needed to be made. I am incredibly happy with my site. Her pricing is more than fair and the result far exceeded my expectations. I can't recommend Rachna highly enough for website design.

Update 2019: I worked with Rachna again when I needed a major overhaul of my website. I could not be more pleased. This version of my website is the best I ever had. I provided some very basic ideas and some models, but she knew exactly what I wanted.

It was incredible what she provided: perfect placement of articles and logos, a great way to reach out to clients, and she was very flexible with what I asked for. For example, I sent some wildlife shots I thought she could use and she picked this perfect backdrop of a place we went in Milford Sound as part of my website.

Rachna is professional, easy to work with, and very flexible and friendly. I can't imagine anyone else I could ever work with who can make a website go from good to great.

Tamara Greenberg

CEO, Tamara-Greenberg.com

Meeting with Rachna to go over our profitability strategy was a wonderful experience. In eight hours, Rachna helped us analyze our current income streams, guided us to see what changes were needed, and led the redesign of our curriculum and approach for next year.

Rachna's perspective was invaluable in highlighting where our income streams could be performing better, with less effort. I particularly appreciated her systemic approach that focused not just on profitability and strategy, but, also kept in mind our allocation of team and resources at the same time. Her suggestions were not only brilliant, they are also very doable.

At the end of this meeting, we have a clear plan to move forward on increasing our enrollments and revenue in a way that will create less stress on our staff and organization. We see that as a win/win/win. Rachna's understanding of psychology, business, and profitability make her a powerful contributor to our team. If you want to build a more strategically profitable business, work with Rachna.

Lincoln Wachtel

COO, SufiUniversity.org

Rachna makes the technical stuff easy to understand and implement.

Jennifer Lee

CEO, RightBrainersinBusiness.com

The marketing data that Rachna tracks and helps me to understand is absolutely invaluable to have about my business. I can make decisions based on what is actually happening, not what I think is happening. I can't imagine anyone running their business without this level of information.

Lissa Boles

CEO, TheSoulMap.com

Rachna is your go-to website person!  Rachna was a life-saver for me when my website crashed and my old developer disappeared. She was super responsive, very professional, and extremely generous with her time in order to help me solve my website problems.  I highly recommend her!

Quentin Hafner

Counselor, QuentinHafner.com

I run a group practice with fee for service licensed clinicians in California and I was looking for ways to increase our visibility and potential client referrals. I first heard of Rachna through [another client]. I decided to see if she might be able to offer a similar kind of support to my counseling center that [the other client] had success with in [a very competitive city.]

Rachna and her team have always been consistently helpful, communicative and making sure that my business is positioned in the best way. When changes happen such as google starting to require the SSL security certificates, Rachna got in touch with me to explain the changes, explained without judgment ways that I could do this myself as well as offered the option to have her team do the work.

Rachna promptly sends monthly reports about the rankings and always gets in touch with me to discuss next steps and make sure I continue to find the SEO services valuable for my business. She has taken the time to talk with me specifically about strategies I could implement to improve traffic to our website by making it more inviting and user friendly.

Rachna is knowledgeable and professional and it’s clear that she cares about her clients and their success. In the last year that I have been working with Rachna, income from clients referred to our center solely through our website has increased x5.

All in all, my experience has been extremely positive and I would recommend Rachna to any practice owner who is looking to grow. Thank you Rachna and team!

Adrian Hall, M.A.

Owner & Founder, OneHeartCounselingCenter.com

Want these kinds of results for your business?

Let’s Work Together.

I met with Rachna for an hour and she gave me some quick and specific coaching on making my website more effective. As soon as I got off of the phone, I made the changes that she suggested - it took me about 30 minutes. In the 3 weeks before making those changes, we only had 2 clients come from online. In the two weeks since making those changes, we have had 10 clients from finding us online! And the beauty of this is that those changes will continue to increase our online presence. With 30 minutes of work! I cannot say enough about Rachna's coaching. It's simple: if you want more clients, you should work with Rachna.

Kristi Shymr

CoFounder, PranaHolistic.ca

I have been working with Rachna for the past one year to create online courses and grow my online course business. She has been guiding me in creating courses, landing and sales pages, email campaigns and online ads. While there has been a lot to learn, I am finally seeing success in selling my online courses.
Rachna is extremely knowledgeable in various areas of business, very patient and understanding of your specific needs. She addresses all my concerns promptly and even helps me stay organized and focused on my immediate goals. She is sincere, creative and honest.
If you are newly starting or struggling to grow your business, I strongly recommend you start with Rachna Jain.
Sarat J Chakravarthi

Founder/Coach, LeadYouth

It has been remarkable to work with Rachna for the past few months and see the online results with my SEO efforts.  Rachna is such a pleasant and down-to-earth person to work with; she has a clear and direct approach to getting your local online rankings to #1 and does so very quickly and with ease!  I have never referred so many business owners to one person in my life.  Rachna is a hidden SEO gem – if you need your revenue to increase from a stronger online presence she’s the one and only person to call.

Cerina Griffin

Psychotherapist, CerinaGriffin.com

My name is Adriana, from de Melo Counselling and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor. I hired Rachna to conduct SEO work for my website, but what I received was a whole lot more. I hired Rachna when I was newly opening my private practice. I was overwhelmed and unclear on how to prioritize my various business "To Do" list items, but I was clear on one reality: that as a business owner, having a presence on the Internet is a must.

With this much in mind, I hired Rachna. I immediately liked Rachna's personable style and felt her training as a psychologist would lend nicely to helping me create my online presence as a helping professional myself. Rachna clearly knows what she is talking about. She maintained that a 6 month contract was necessary to create the outcomes I was seeking and true to her word, she delivered. Keep in mind I had no knowledge of SEO work and was newly figuring out how to create a website. So I was a newbie. But, Rachna had patience for the many questions I had, she also helped with business coaching within an online context and advised where needed and asked.

Given we worked entirely online together, she was very helpful at breaking down difficult information to understand online and was super available to help with troubleshooting- which believe me as a newbie online, there were a few technical challenges to learn from. And true to her SEO estimations and work, I now appear on page one of Google searches for several of my keywords. I would entrust Rachna to bring her expertise to your business' online needs and I would argue that Rachna's services are a well worth investment. As I mentioned, I have since received true to her word, one call a month of service inquiry and as a bonus, was most recently asked to attend a radio show in my city of Vancouver, BC, to speak on a topic related to my work.

I am confident these opportunities came my way as a result of my strong online presence. An online presence, I am certain I would not have known or been able to achieve on my own. So if you are newly creating a website, trying to sort out how to create a presence amongst the sea of competition in your field online or simply don't even know how to create an online presence, Rachna is your ally on all fronts and will bring her wealth of experience in guiding you through each step of the way. I know I have learned a lot from Rachna and I am thankful that I have started my business with the valuable knowledge she has provided, rather than waste valuable time and money sorting out what I have discovered early in my business venture.

As my business' online needs develop into the future, I am sure I will hire Rachna again and encourage you to as well!

Adriana de Melo

CEO, DeMeloCounselling.com

I have been so blessed to have worked with Dr. Rachna Jain for the past 6 months and she completely changed my life, helped me form a business while being very gentle with me through my hard times, she is the kindest, most compassionate person I have truly ever known, and a ROCK STAR of a business coach. You can have, like I had, all of the experience and talent in the world but if you don't have the tools to do what you do in the online market, Lord have mercy you will sink like a stone in a pond.

I cringe thinking of how many years I tried and failed over and over again and how fast Rachna brought me into alignment with what I needed to know. The paradigm for online business has shifted and keeps shifting at the speed of light. With Rachna I have not only received the business coaching I've needed to get the business going but because she is a marketing specialist she will be able to help me keep my business growing and help me stay current with marketing trends. Her book Internet Marketing For The Rest Of Us is my marketing bible, always here next to my computer. If you are looking for a business coach -- and you really can't do business online today without one in my opinion -- you should contact Rachna today. I'm so glad I did. Thank you Rachna!

Maitri Libellule

CEO, MindfulnessMentoringwithMaitri.com

Rachna Jain and her team have been extraordinary in increasing traffic to my counseling center website. When we opened our counseling center in a new city, we were getting zero calls. We tried a $1500 Adwords monthly budget just to get started. Then I hired Rachna and her team to do our local SEO. In just a few short months, our phone started ringing and we had more clients than we even had in our old location. Rachna’s results out-performed Adwords by more than 3 to 1 – and for a lot less expense. We have stopped our Adwords completely saving us $1500 a month. Run – don’t walk – to get Rachna and her team on YOUR team and get new customers to call you.

Casey Truffo

CEO, OCRelationshipCenter.com

Thank you so much for meeting with me last year for an SEO consultation. I made the changes you suggested, and now I'm consistently on the first page of Google for my chosen keywords. My business has never been better, and each year gets better than the last. What you told me to do really worked!

Sarah Cook Ruggera

CEO, CouplesCounselorSanDiego.com

Rachna is fantastic! I came to her after working with another company for over a year trying to get my website updated, freshened up and SEO friendly. I was at a loss because everything seemed so complicated and beyond my control. When I was referred to Rachna, she immediately gave me her assessment of what was actually going on with my site, then gave me clear and concise information about what she could do for me and how it would help. When she told me she could get it done in a week or so, I was stunned.

However, true to her word, with daily, and very responsive communication with me, she got my site cleaned up, "beautified" and running in less than 2 weeks (and the extra days were really because I was out of town for a couple of those days!). My site looks great, has everything I need, and Rachna set me up so that I can do my own updating with WordPress into the future. Compared to the time and money I spent spinning my wheels for the prior year and half, my experience with Rachna has been a gift!

Carol Cirabisi

Director, ConsciousChoices.net

"I am a marriage therapist who hired Rachna for SEO work after getting to know her through her work with a mutual colleague. I have been interested in SEO for quite some time, but never really felt I could trust the people who I spoke with on the phone who advertised such services, and I spent copious amounts of time trying to learn keywords, Adwords, and SEO tricks on my own, to no avail. I was also concerned about the cost.

I hired Rachna because I have come to trust her and her abilities, as she is a wealth of knowledge. Rachna has only been doing my SEO for about 3-4 months now, but in that time, the number of calls I get at my office has doubled, resulting in a 48% revenue increase. I have certainly gotten a return on my investment with her and feel strongly that I will continue to do so. Now, the only problem is that I may need to hire someone to help me! Rachna is professional, kind, trustworthy, responsive, and stays on the cutting edge when it comes to SEO work. You won't regret working with her."

Misty McIntyre

CEO, TherapyCoCounseling.com

I chose to work with Rachna as my first-ever business coach because I was ready to 'step up' and open the space for even bigger growth in my business and myself. Since partnering with Rachna, I have launched a killer marketing campaign for my signature 6-week online Tarot course with a record number of student enrollments (beyond my wildest dreams) and created two new products from already-existing products. Rachna is highly professional, focused and committed to helping me make the most out of my business, while also being personable, warm and encouraging - everything I want in a coach!

Brigit Esselmont

CEO, BiddyTarot.com

I have been working with Rachna for the past one year to create online courses and grow my online course business. She has been guiding me in creating courses, landing and sales pages, email campaigns and online ads. While there has been a lot to learn, I am finally seeing success in selling my online courses.
Rachna is extremely knowledgeable in various areas of business, very patient and understanding of your specific needs. She addresses all my concerns promptly and even helps me stay organized and focused on my immediate goals. She is sincere, creative and honest.
If you are newly starting or struggling to grow your business, I strongly recommend you start with Rachna Jain.
Sarat J Chakravarthi

Founder/Coach, LeadYouth

Rachna’s efforts have helped us focus our limited marketing budget and efforts on the highest-impact activities — so we’re getting far better results in less time. Since we began working together, our course and consulting revenue has increased 295%, traffic to key pages has increased 50%, free trial subscriptions have increased 300%, SaaS revenue has increased 400%, and our mailing list has grown 210%. We’re excited to launch a redesigned marketing site that incorporates everything Rachna has helped us learn about our customers, so we can help more people launch their own online courses!
Abe Crystal

CoFounder, Ruzuku.com

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