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In your evolution as a business owner, you will eventually reach a point where you want to take more risks in your business. If your business is running well, and you’re ready to expand it further, it might be time to take some new (calculated) risks.  Part of being an entrepreneur is being willing to step out into new territory when your soul (or your business) demands it.  How do you know when it’s time to take a risk?  3 main ways:  1) You feel ready to make a change, and this feeling persists for several weeks. Your business is running very well, and you’re ready to move to a new level.  2) When you are putting forth a lot of effort for little reward. You need to take a different pathway to bring the effort and reward into better balance.  3) You keep experiencing coincidences and synchronicities that nudge you in a new direction.  If you’re ready to take a few more risks in your business, there are several elements you should have in place, first. We’ll talk about these in upcoming posts.