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At certain times of the year (like now), life seems to speed up. There are more deadlines, more obligations, and normal life seems to require just a bit more energy, focus, and oomph than normal. You might be making plans to travel for the holidays, might have presents to buy, guests to entertain, and who could forget end of year planning, project deadlines, and strategic planning for next year. At times this like, it’s important to give yourself enough space to rest and recharge. In other words, take the day off (at least sometimes). When you are feeling run down, tired, and irritable, your best bet is to stop what you’re doing, rest/refresh/regroup, and then get started again. Judicious use of time off can actually increase your productivity. So, if you need the break- take the day off. Since I usually take my own good advice, I’m taking tomorrow off to spend with my loved ones. Look for the next entry on Friday. Happy Turkey Day!