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When you begin the process of productizing your business, it’s natural to feel excited and enthusiastic and ready to take on huge projects in one single leap. However, in productizing, as in life, there is such a thing as taking on too much at one time. I know, first hand, because I’m prone to approach all new tasks this way- I get excited, learn a little about it, and immediately plan an ultra-ambitious project with this newfound knowledge. This way, in my experience, tends to create feelings of frustration and overwhelm- and while I still accomplish these projects, I know I make it more difficult than it has to be. So, please take note: when you start productizing your business, start small. Think about one area or one type of customer you can target- make a top 10 list of some sort, and then think about how you can use this top 10 list into a slightly bigger product. Then, take that slightly bigger product and expand it further. And that take expanded product and take that further. And so on. In doing so, you’ll be able to accomplish your product goals and avoid overwhelm at the same time. And now, I’ll try to take my own good advice… 🙂