As a psychologist, search engine/content marketer, and technologist, I bring a unique perspective to the arena of online marketing and traffic generation.

My main focus is using human psychology and internet technology to assist my clients in building influence, visibility and credibility on the Internet.

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My presentations are well received, and I’m often rated as the top 1 or 2 speakers at the events at which I present.

Participants praise my capacity to build rapport, and my skill at making complex topics easy to understand and implement. They also praise my focus on both theory and application- so they know not only why something works, but, also, how to apply it in their business.

I have a varied professional history, and a great deal of experience which informs my presentations. I am available to speak on several topics within my area of expertise. I’m also happy to tailor a custom program to best suit the needs of your attendees.

Available Programs

Profitable Popularity: Become More Profitable and More Well Known Online Using the Power of Content and Search Marketing

Discover strategies to become more profitable and make more money online, using the power of content and search marketing. Learn how to identify your target audience, learn how to develop their online demographic profile, and then learn how to reach them using content marketing, social media, and search engine optimization. These strategies will help your business get in front of clients who are looking for you.

Measuring What Matters: Growing Your Business For Profit

Learn what numbers you need to measure in your business, and why measuring matters. More than just an ego feed, key metrics can tell you where to invest your marketing dollars, whether your marketing is working as planned, and can offer insight into who your business is attracting and how you can best serve them. Framed through the lens of Google Analytics metrics tracking, you will learn how to read the numbers and interpret them to build your levels of visibility, credibility, and trust.

Forget Friend or Follower: 14 Strategies to Build True Fans

Leave aside the concept of fan, follower, or friend- this presentation will demonstrate why you must be more concerned with building true fans. A true fan is someone who follows you and purchases from you, which is a must if you want to get a return on your investment of time and resources. Learn both basic and advanced skills for attracting fans, engaging them, and converting them from interested bystander to paying client. This is a key strategy for building your online communities in a climate where trust and value defining factors. Growing your business network is a necessary step in the process of greater profitability.

Strategic Curriculum Design: Teaching Sells

Do you have a lot of program offerings but hardly any sales? This often happens when you build programs in response to a perceived need, without planning for how these programs fit within the larger arc of your business. Learn how to design a pathway of integrated program offerings that strategically sell one after the other. Selling a smaller number of packages or services enables you to focus more deeply and sell more, because you focus on the transformation each offering provides. Teaching is one of the best ways to build credibility and trust with your target audience, and enables you to share your message effectively both online and offline. Teaching is one valuable pathway towards greater profitability.

Business Profitability Strategies: Find Your Hidden Profit Centers

Every business has hidden profit centers- areas where there is money just waiting to be made, if only you could see it. Learn how to boost your business profitability by finding these hidden profit centers in your business. My clients have individually generated an additional $20,000-$35,000 profit with almost no extra work. Much of this process relies on clarifying business goals, measuring performance of current offerings, and looking at ways to streamline delivery while enhancing value and profit.

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