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Video and Written Rave Reviews for Dr. Rachna Jain’s Speaking and Training:

Written Testimonials:

Testimonial from Dave Lakhani:
“I’m happy that you are considering Dr. Jain for your event, she is exceptional.I’ve hired Dr. Jain several times to speak at two of the events I produce, one called Renegades of Persuasion and one called The Profitable Speaker.
As a background, I speak at about 100 events a year and address around 100,000 people a year. I tell you that because I see literally hundreds of speakers a year and there is only a small handful I’ll endorse or hire and Dr. Jain is my top go to speaker for social media and group psychology topics.
She is a very engaging blend of academics, research and practical application. She is funny, detailed, thorough and leaves the audience with usable information they’ll feel confident about applying. She consistently ranks as the number one or two speaker at my events. She is so good that I included a full chapter on social media authored by her in my last book called How To Sell When Nobody’s Buying.
What I find special about Dr. Jain is twofold. First she easily turns complex ideas into easy to remember and implement strategies audiences can understand and use now. Second, she develops such a deep rapport with the audience that she makes me as the promoter look great for hiring her.I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Jain, if I can answer any other questions feel free to contact me directly.
—Dave Lakhani
Bold Approach, Inc.
Testimonial from Denise Wakeman:
“I’d be happy to tell you about my experience with Rachna Jain.I’ve followed Rachna’s work for several years and met her about a year ago. I’ve experienced her presentation style on two levels.
1. I have collaborated with Rachna to present a 90 minute program on social media with an emphasis on how to profit from social media as well as managing one’s online business reputation. We are also in the midst of developing a deeper 4 part program on how to use social media to leverage one’s expertise and thereby increase revenue. Rachna is thorough, detail-oriented and presents in a clear, non-techie way without resorting to jargon. Her focus is on systems and she always delivers high value content. We decided to collaborate after I heard her speak at a full day sales training workshop.
2. At the sales training event Rachna was one of the feautured speakers. Her topic was how to use online platforms and selling with social media. The buzz in the room after she finished was amazing. Her presentation stood out as being clear, smart, with real actionable content that was easy to understand. It wasn’t full of fluff and hype like some of the other speakers.Rachna has a great sense of humor and makes the audience feel at ease. She’s not wild and crazy, and she’s not stiff and boring. She knows her stuff so it flows easily and conversationally. Her content also usually goes beyond current fads so you get a different perspective that is based on lots of testing and results that work.”
—Denise Wakeman
Blogging and Online Marketing Advisor
 thumbnail-Testimonial from Andrea J. Lee
 “Based on feedback from nearly 300 attendees, Rachna Jain was our #1 favourite speaker in a roster of more than 10 speakers. In addition to actionable and current content, she brought heart, context and humour to the stage. The cherry on top is the fact that more than 50% of the room took action on her teachings afterwards.”
-Andrea J. Lee

Testimonial for Dr. Rachna Jain from Terri Levine [pdf download]

Testimonial for Dr. Rachna Jain from The Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) [pdf download]