The Six Reasons Your Thought Leader Business isn’t Making the Income or Impact it Could Be (And How to Fix That)

You, a thought leader, are a unique brand of entrepreneur. What makes you unique? Your sense of huge purpose, your intense desire to create positive impact, and your willingness to keep mining the depths of your own experience to bring new thoughts, new insights, and new teachings to your communities.

I probably don’t have to tell you that thought leaders tend to be very creative; blending their life experiences, learning, and wisdom for the purposes of creating new paradigms and finding new ways to help. You have a purpose for your life on this Earth, and you want to express all of your gifts as fully as possible.

Yet for all this creative energy and bursting passion; making a business from your thought leadership is not always the easiest task in the world, as you may have experienced.

Thought leader businesses are created by passion, but run by systems.

I’ve worked with visionary entrepreneurs throughout my career, and have identified six reasons why these businesses aren’t generating the income and impact they could be.

I’ve helped many thought leader businesses grow significantly (usually 100-150% or more in just one year)–using the same model I’ll be sharing with you here.

Because I hope this will be the start of an ongoing conversation between us, I’ll share enough to give you a solid foundation in my M6 Model, with an invitation for you to take the next step if the model resonates and you believe it can be helpful to your business.

I’ve been helping businesses just like yours be more profitable from the internet for the past 15 years.

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6 Reasons My Thought Leadership Business isn’t Creating the Income or Impact it Could Be