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How much have you grown your digital presence this year? If you need a little inspiration today, here’s our quick roundup of last week’s top social media posts:

1. Successful companies show their care and appreciation for their customers. It will definitely pay off if you do.

Caring for the Customer

2. Especially stories that tug at people’s emotions.

Getting People Excited

3. Let analytics be your guide when you’re making improvements to your existing marketing plan.

4. The great thing about content marketing is that it helps start discussions and conversations, putting you in touch with a larger audience.

Content Marketing Needs

5. People want content they can relate to, so make your posts entertaining and relevant.

Connecting with Brand

6. Pinterest proves it can keep pace with other social media platforms — they’re rolling out new updates for marketers.

7. Even the smallest effort you make matters.

Too Small to Make Impact

That’s all for this roundup. Check back soon for more updates!