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Another update from Facebook might affect your visibility in news feeds; just another reason to keep your posts engaging and interesting! Let’s see what else has been happening this week:

1. Avoid being too general in your posts; focusing on some specifics will help increase your audience engagement.

2. Set aside dedicated “creative time”. Make it a priority and don’t rush it.
3. Technology makes things faster and easier, but sometimes it really can drive you crazy!

4. Trust brings new customers to your door and builds loyalty in existing patrons.
5. It’s all about name recognition! You’ll find it easier to sell if prospects have already heard about you or seen your Facebook page.

6. Scott said that it took him a few seconds to pinpoint what was wrong with this photo.

7. Harness the power of social media networks with these little tricks.
8. Keep your stories relevant and relatable.


That ends our week at Profitable Popularity. Stay tuned for more!