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It’s never too early to start thinking about all of the creative marketing opportunities the holiday season brings! Now that September is officially underway, let’s recap what the week brought:

1. If you’re looking for a way to boost your creativity or make that big breakthrough, tailoring your environment might be the key!

2. Nothing beats that awesome feeling you get from crossing tasks off your to-do list.


3. Infographics, especially those containing how-tos and other interesting facts, offer higher user engagement.


4. Pinterest allows marketers to see whether their strategies are working or not. Their analytics offer more information than just number of clicks attained.

5. Content marketing can be tricky, given that readers’ preferences will vary. These guidelines can help you increase your engagement.


6. Incorporating video marketing into your email campaign and adding a killer subject line can get your message opened, read, and can even encourage conversion.

7. Never force your mind to the point of exhaustion. Remember, sometimes an idle mind can encourage creativity.


8. Pinterest has not only improved their analytics; they have also allowed business owners to get their products seen, thanks to an improved search.


Here’s to another productive week ahead!