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SEO web design

refers to the design and creation of highly functional websites which are appealing and also have good search engine optimization. Web design is an expanding field, with many different kinds of professionals naming themselves web designers. People with strong graphics design backgrounds are offering CMS website development services, and building attractive websites on these platforms.

People with marketing backgrounds are also offering website design services, and those coming from UI/UX backgrounds are also adding to the number of professionals in the field. As an SEO expert, my bias is, naturally, towards SEO web design, as I have seen many websites which are visually beautiful to look at, and which have all the bells and whistles possible, but which do not meet the client’s needs. The client definitely wants a beautiful website, that part is taken care of, but a beautiful design does not always mean good visitor experience.

For example, a beautiful website filled with images and videos and all kinds of graphics can look wonderful- if it actually loads before the visitor clicks away. If you’ve heard about the “goldfishing” of our online attention spans, you will know that the average person spends just a few seconds waiting for a webpage to load; and, sometimes, all the graphics and videos and images that make a site so attractive actually cause the site to load so slowly that the visitor leaves before the page completes. This causes a high bounce rate on the site, and is one indication that the site design is not working well for visitor experience. You can monitor your bounce rate by using a website traffic tracking program, such as Google Analytics. To ascertain if your high bounce rate is due to a slow loading site, you can use the free Page Speed Insights testing tool.

​Paying attention to visitor behavior and experience is important, because, obviously, you will find it more difficult to sell your products or services if you can’t get your visitors to stay long on your site. The issues of high bounce rate and slow page loading also impact your site’s ranking, so they are very important to examine if you are planning to invest in SEO. Any reputable search engine optimization company will be able to help you determine why your site visitors are leaving so quickly.

Another reason to look at your site design in terms of the search engines would be because the search engines are favoring sites which are mobile responsive. If you are following your site analytics as I suggested earlier, you will likely see that a high percentage of your website traffic is coming through on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets.) Sites which are developed to allow a good experience on mobile are more favored in the search engines compared to sites that don’t. This is another reason that SEO web design is important.

When you are investing in the creation of a new website, or in the redesign of your existing one, it makes sense to work with a company that can provide you the strongest combination of graphic design, SEO web design, and conversion optimization for your particular business and needs. If you are like most small business owners, your talents lie outside the realm of websites, SEO, and conversion improvement, which is why you want to work with a company that can fill in the gaps and give you an attractive and effective website that also provides a good visitor experience and is loved by the search engines.


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