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Arrrgghh!!!! Yes, folks, it’s time for another rant- this time, against selling crap at premium prices.

Now, before I go into specifics, let me set the stage.

First, it’s not like me to use ‘crap’ as a leading phrase. I’m usually much more articulate and well mannered than that. But the reason I’m resorting to using a word like crap is, actually, because I’m getting sick and tired of people selling crap at premium prices.

Crap, as I use it, means information that is incomplete, and with questionable value. This is information that is old, outdated, no longer working, or just plain untested.

It’s filled with hype, and promises a ‘step by step’ system- but the problem is that the steps are a stairway to nowhere- one of those Escher-like staircases that wind around themselves and don’t take you where you want to go.

When Escher did it, it was cool.

When marketers do it, it’s irresponsible and bad business.

Here’s a thought- what about treating your customers like real people, with real goals, and real needs, and real desires?

What if we each took the time to cultivate our craft and talents as deeply and fully as we can, so we can be sure we are offering real value to those we want to serve?

I was reminded of this after attending a workshop just a few weeks ago, where there was little content, and not a lot of value. The speakers were somewhat of a mishmash, without a strong unifying theme, or, even a reasonable amount of content. Most of them said the exact same thing, and indicated that further brilliance would be found in purchasing their packages of services and goods.

But, I ask you- if someone can’t provide value in a 30 minute talk, how likely is it they will provide value in a $997 or $1997 program? I do understand about the differences between free and premium content- but certainly, as an expert, you can probably find something to share which is closer to premium content- and you can share this for free.

It doesn’t mean, of course, that you share everything or give away all your knowledge for nothing. But it does require you to stand fully in the energy of providing value, in each of your interactions.

As a speaker and teacher myself, I’d be ashamed to get in front of a room of 150 people and have nothing substantive to say. Hell, I’d be ashamed to get up in front of 1 person and have nothing substantive to say.

In order to stay viable, we must each prepare to serve the clients of the future- and the clients of the future are internet savvy, do their homework, and actively seek out referrals and recommendations. They want to make the best decision possible, with the least effort as possible. They will not hesitate to share their opinions- positive or negative.

This doesn’t mean that your information will be able to assist everyone, as value, after all, is in the eye of the beholder. But if you want to charge premium prices, you need to demonstrate premium expertise.