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Very often, clients come to me sharing painful stories of times where they tried to promote themselves and experienced anxiety, overwhelm, and rejection. They speak of forced networking exchanges, unpleasant sales conversations, and times where they wished they could sink into the floor to overcome something dumb they just said to a potential customer. What I like to remind them-and myself- (and you!) is that self promotion doesn’t need to be painful. While you must promote yourself in order to be successful in business, it is possible to do this in a way that best suits you. If you don’t like networking, find another way to meet people. If you don’t like public speaking, find another way to communicate your message. There are so many options and different avenues to share who you are and what you know. Find the ones that work best for you, and use them frequently. When you take the time to uncover your personal best marketing tools, you’ll feel confident, and this will shine through in all your business interactions. Remember, pain does not equal gain.