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We just helped a client install a new WordPress blog, using version 2.9, and found that scheduled posting isn’t working like it should. This means that when you pre-write a post, and set it to publish on a certain day and time, the day and time passes, and no post appears.

In digging into this issue, it seems to be a problem with WordPress 2.9, specifically the cron function.

There are several fixes you can try:

Option #1: If you’re technically minded, you can update your wp-includes/cron.php file, using the instructions found here: Fix missing posts in WordPress

The problem with this is that you may have to update this same setting each time you upgrade WordPress. May work if you have just 1 blog, harder to maintain if you have many. I, personally, don’t want to have to remember to do this, so I’d choose another option.

Option #2: If you don’t want to mess with php code (and I don’t blame you) the other option you have is to reupload a few key files into your wp-includes. You would do this via FTP.

You can get those files courtesy of Denis De Bernardy (maker of my favorite blog theme, Semiologic) here

This is the option we chose for our client, and it’s working well so far.

Option #3: You can downgrade to the previous version of WordPress. Before trying this, be sure you backup your blog and files!! It should be as simple as reuploading the previous version of WordPress and rolling back that way. But again, make a backup copy of your blog just in case this doesn’t work.

If you haven’t upgraded to 2.9 yet, I’d suggest holding off to see if the 2.9.1 version addresses these issues.