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Ok- so welcoming abundance might seem like a funny sales/marketing statement, but I think it’s really important to consider. Why do you market/sell your products and services? You do it because it will give you more money, and will allow you to live a more prosperous and abundant life. When your sales and marketing efforts are kicking into gear, you’ll find that you are being offered more and more opportunities- and some of these will be new, big, and possibly stressful. One usual response to stress is to try to remove the cause of the stress– i.e. to stop selling/marketing.The problem with this is it is the fastest way to stop the flow. Your growing edge is found, instead, by welcoming abundance and wearing the new responsibilities as lightly as possible. You’ve attracted all this business because you’re ready for it and can handle it. Keep saying yes! to good opportunities in order to welcome more and more abundance.