Reputation Repair

We help you improve your brand reputation in search

Is your business in need of reputation repair because its been the target of negative reviews online? When your potential new customers are searching online for your product or service, is one of the first things they see negative reviews about your business?

If so, this needs to be addressed, to prevent lost sales.

Reputation repair is a branch of the search engine optimization services we offer, and is the final stage of our S2CRO method. Reputation management is the process of “cleaning up” your company’s brand in the search engines, so that you have better management and control over your online reputation.

When a potential or existing customer or client searches your name or company name online, a successfully managed brand would appear for the first 10-20 listings in search. Informally, this is described as “owning” the first two pages of Google. In order to best control the conversation about your company, the first 20 results in search should be sites you own or profiles you manage; so that you have the strongest and most positive version of your company facing outward to the Internet and to potential clients.

Unfortunately, reputation repair services can be difficult to find, and many companies don’t consider these proactively. They are left scrambling at the last minute, trying to overcome negative reviews online. By the time this happens, it’s already too late.

However, all is not lost. If your brand is currently the target of negative online reviews, then let’s have a consultation about how we can push down these negative results in search so they are not the first thing a web searcher sees.

This process can take a few months to complete, so the sooner we get started, the better.

Please, apply for a consultation so we can fix your brand and leverage it as an asset, not a negative.