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Just having returned from the ocean and all the accompanying sand, surf, and sun… as well as the sales on t-shirts, towels… and the yummy funnel cake, ice cream and popcorn available for sale on the boardwalk… I’m reminded of the importance of repetition in your marketing. I visited Ocean City, Maryland for just a short 4 day stay and was looking at the businesses there with a marketer’s eye. What I noticed was this: approximately every 3-4 blocks, a restaurant or store or one-food stall would repeat itself. So, essentially, every 4 blocks repeated over and over again. This reminded me of the importance of repetition in marketing- each business on the boardwalk was making sure that, by their numerous locations, you could go in and buy taffy, cotton candy, fries, popcorn, t-shirts, jewelry- anything you wanted- as the desire struck you. (Just for the record, I never bought all of these at once.) Repetition is a leverage point in marketing because there is a greater effect each time you repeat your marketing message- these messages can be additive and cumulative over time. Clearly, this process works for the merchants of Ocean City, and it could work for you. Define your most effective marketing channels and then repeat your message and offers frequently.