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This week, I’ve been reminded of the saying, "feelings aren’t facts"- which, as I use it, means "your feelings are important, but they aren’t necessarily true". This is important to remember in the business building process(and in life) because, sometimes our feelings feel true. Why make the distinction? Because, as you build your business, you will have feelings that say, "this idea is dumb." "I’ll never be successful", I’m overwhelmed." "I don’t know what to do." even as you may also have feelings of excitement, interest, and enthusiasm. Anyway, when you feel down, depressed, or blue, you need to find a way of understanding that this is how you feel- right now- and that it’s important- but may not be true. All your ideas are definitely not dumb. You definitely will be successful (if you do the work), and you can get help with being overwhelmed or not knowing what to do next. Feelings don’t predict outcome. If you’ve been putting off a marketing process because you feel afraid…. or don’t think it will matter, anyway,…. remember- feelings are not facts.