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I was on the phone with a prospective site building client earlier today and we were running into some technical glitches. I’d sent her a few folders with possible site designs, but she wasn’t able to access them. We were on the phone, and trying to troubleshoot how she could open the files to see the design concepts.

It wasn’t working.

So what I quickly did was search for a screen-sharing tool, with the idea that I could share my screen and then show her the designs from my desktop.

I found, installed it- and we were in business in less than 3 minutes.

(Most of that time was spent in waiting for the email link I sent to reach her inbox.)

I found to be lightweight, clear, and easy to use.

Once you install it, you’re given a secure 9 digit access link, in the form of a URL. You email this URL to those people with whom you want to share your screen. They click the link and are instantaneously connected to see your screen.

The makers of are, which is my favorite remote desktop access solution. (More about Logmein, perhaps, in another post.)

But, since I’m committed to sharing cool tools that help me do my work more easily, I wanted to share with you- in case you’re looking for an easy to use and quick to install screen-sharing option.