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A new Web 2.0 site, Qassia, is now accepting signups and referrals. I’ve just joined and would like to invite you to join me there. What’s really cool about Qassia is that you can join and add your website, and you earn Qassia dollars for making the Qassia community better, either by reading posts, commenting on other sites or sharing your knowledge. These Qassia dollars allow you to boost your website rank within the Qassia system (which means traffic and recognition) and Qassia also gives you backlinks to your site, as well as does revenue sharing. So you can, in essence, get paid to promote your website.

You need an invitation to register; please feel free to use this invitation if you need one:

Qassia runs this cool little referral contest for just 12 hours after signup- so be prepared to invite your friends and community, and earn some extra Qassia points in the process.

Qassia is one of the newest sites in the social marketing space, and has the potential to be a lot of fun, and business boosting, too.

You know how I suggest that you take at least 10 marketing actions each day? Well, this can be one of them. It takes less than 3 minutes to sign up.

Join me on Qassia:  and I look forward to meeting you there!