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In order to be an effective self promoter, you want to put your best self forward. This doesn’t mean that you spend a lot of energy to be someone you’re not, but it does mean that you take care to present yourself in the best light possible- all the time. This came up today because I called a business and the phone was answered by a frazzled sounding woman who was a bit abrupt in her tone. From the background noise, it sounded like there was a lot of activity and commotion happening- and perhaps this wasn’t the best time for her to be answering the phone. So why did she? I don’t know- but she came across as stressed, frazzled, and curt….which made me want to end the conversation. I politely got off the phone and mentally crossed her name off my list of people to do business with. Be aware of putting your best self forward at all times in your business. If you ever can’t do this- for any reason- let the "call" go to voicemail.