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One of the most interesting findings I’ve read lately suggests that good self care (i.e. taking time to relax, recharge and rejuvenate) can actually decrease the amount of time a person procrastinates. People seem to procrastinate in their marketing as a way of soothing their anxieties or fears of imperfection. They know they should market, but it becomes too large of a task, and so they avoid it, feel badly about avoiding it, and avoid it more. If you’re caught in a cycle of avoiding a marketing task, recognize that it’s tough to feel anxious or imperfect when you’re taking time to take care of yourself- whether that means taking a nap, calling a friend, or treating yourself to a small serving of your most favorite treat. If you find yourself procrastinating on a task, consider asking yourself, "What can I do to feel better, first, before moving ahead on this task?" If you take the time to feel better first, you may find yourself procrastinating much less and being much more productive. In the interest of self care, I’ll be taking tomorrow off from blogging to relax and recharge. We’ll resume our daily publishing schedule again on Monday. In the meantime, Happy Holidays!