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Yes! In the midst of winding down 2004, preparing for the holidays, and dealing with a bit of mental and physical slowdown, it’s time to don the superhero outfit and also start planning your marketing for 2005.

In case your superhero outfit needs a bit of dusting off (I just saw The Incredibles movie in the theater and seem to have superheroes on the brain)– our next few entries will deal with ideas for getting more out of your marketing in 2005.

Idea #1: Put a system in place to track the success of your marketing efforts. If you already have one (good for you!) find a way to add a bit more information to it to make the statistics even more relevant and meaningful. If you don’t have a tracking system, you won’t really know how your marketing is producing for you. And if you don’t know what’s producing, you don’t know how to grow your business past your current level.