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At times in your business, you’ll seem to be in the "sweet spot"- that place where your work feels like play. Clients show up, can’t wait to work with you, and hire you on the spot. Money flows in easily, and you feel calm and peaceful and good. Sometimes, in this "sweet spot", we become fuzzy on what we did to generate all this terrific stuff. This is not the time to be fuzzy. When your business is thriving- and running it is easy (or at least easier)- pay attention right here and right now. Spend time in reflection and introspection to understand how you generated this sweet spot- so you know what you can replicate. Each time we find this kind of sweet spot in our businesses, it means that we’ve uncovered an effective marketing avenue, a desirable target market, or further refined the solutions we offer. The more you can understand these three aspects, the more time you get to spend in your business’ sweet spot. The more time you’re in the sweet spot, the more money you make and the more fun you have. Who wouldn’t want that?